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30_jewels's Journal

A Black Jewels Trilogy Challenge Community
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30 Prompts For All Your BJT Fanfiction Needs
Welcome one and all to the new fanfic community 30_jewels which is based upon communities such as 30_kisses and fanfic100! The idea of this comm is to write fanfiction based on The Black Jewels Trilogy using the thirty different prompts listed below.

Before you start writing you must claim either a character, couple, or general group in the claims post; once the claim is accepted you may start writing and post whenever you finish.

Prompt Tables

Table 1

001.Beginnings. 002.Middles. 003.Ends. 004.Life. 005.Death.
006.Love. 007.Rivalry. 008.Hate. 009.Strong. 010.Weak.
011.Days. 012.Months. 013.Years. 014.Hours. 015.Minutes.
016.Taste. 017.Smell. 018.Touch. 019.Light. 020.Darkness.
021.Moon. 022.Sun. 023.Stars. 024.Dreams. 025.Nightmares.
026.Jewels. 027.Writer's Choice. 028.Writer's Choice. 029.Writer's Choice. 030.Writer's Choice.

Table 2

001.Summer. 002.Spring. 003.Autumn. 004.Winter. 005.Celebration.
006.New. 007.Old. 008.Borrowed. 009.Blue. 010.Marriage.
011.Sugar. 012.Spice. 013.Cinnamon. 014.Chocolate. 015.Coffee.
016.Nice. 017.Mean. 018.Angry. 019.Happy. 020.Sadness.
021.Lost. 022.Found. 023.Forgotten. 024.Choices. 025.Broken.
026.Mistakes. 027.Writer's Choice. 028.Writer's Choice. 029.Writer's Choice. 030.Writer's Choice.

Table 3

001.Morning. 002.Noon. 003.Night. 004.Ugly. 005.Beauty.
006.Spirt. 007.Soul. 008.Innocent. 009.Guilty. 010.Hope.
011.Greed. 012.Envy. 013.Wrath. 014.Forgiveness. 015.Forsaken.
016.Music. 017.Dance. 018.Sing. 019.Whisper. 020.Talk.
021.Wisdom. 022.Reason. 023.Seduction. 024.Forbidden. 025.Sweet.
026.Candy. 027.Writer's Choice. 028.Writer's Choice. 029.Writer's Choice. 030.Writer's Choice.


Are there any set deadlines?

Nope you can post whenever you are finished. If you decided that you want to stop writing just go to this post and I will delete your claim and eagerly await your return, whenever you feel like coming back.

Can I do any crossovers?

Yes you may just make sure to specify what fandom your crossing over with in your claims post; if your doing a cross-paring please note both the fandom and character(s).

Since The Invisible Ring is up in the interests is it okay to write fanfic for just that book?

Yep; both books are in the same universe and feature some of the same characters so go for it!

Is there a limit to the word count?

Nope, the only rule is that a fic must be at least 100 words to be allowed [the only exeption to this is if your writing a poem then the word count doesn't matter].

What ratings are allowed?

Any and all. Just make sure that every single fic is rated before the lj-cut so people know what they're clicking on. I use the G to NC-17 system because it's well known. If you are going to use another letter system, please explain what the letter means.

Other Rules

1. This community is both slash and femmeslash friendly so no homophobic comments or harrasing of other members; if you break this rule it's an automatic ban.

2. Make sure to lj-cut each fic, no matter what length; fake-cuts are allowed as well.

3. Rate all fics accordingly; no exeptions.

4. Some posts may include incest or other squicks/kinks so if any of these things bother you please refrain from insulting or belittling people for their kinks.

Suggested Posting Format

Word Count:
Table/Prompt: (Table # and Prompt #)
Author's Note: (optional)

Community Links

Claims Post Comment here to stake your claim.

Claims List Check this post to see if your claim has been taken yet.

Question/Cancel Claims Post If you have a question or want your claim to be taken off the claims list this is the place to go.

Hall of Fame After you have finished a claim comment in this post so I can add you to the Hall of Fame.

Table HTML If you want to put the table your using onto your own site use the html text located at this post to help you.