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A Black Jewels Trilogy Challenge Community
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In The World of Dreams Made Flesh
This community is about posting fanfiction based around the world and characters of The Black Jewels Trilogy using thirty prompts to help you think of ideas for fanfics to write.

Just remember to have fun writing!

March 2011
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Queen Midalah of Nebula [userpic]

If you decide to host your claim table on another site please give me the link to it via the comments to this post.</center>

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Queen Midalah of Nebula [userpic]

This post will be used for two purposes; to cancel a claim that you may have or to ask a question about the community.

Please when you comment to this post, in your subject/header it would be helpful if you specified if what your commenting for is to ask a question or ask for your claim to be deleted.

If you have a question: Question

If you want to cancel claim: Cancel Claim

I think that's simple enough; so have fun everybody!

Queen Midalah of Nebula [userpic]

Earlier today I am sure some of you noted that sakru909 relinquished ownership of the comm to not_from_stars. She and I will be your mods for this group. If you notice a repeat of the claims post showing up, it's not at all re-setting things, it's simply making it easier so once we get things going again, sakru909 isn't being inundated with unnecessary comment responses via email. All current claims will remain, so you won't need to re-claim them. The current claims post will be for all new claims.

Queen Midalah of Nebula [userpic]

Since every challenge community needs the obligatory claims post here it is in all it's small glory!

Just remember to post here with your claim and when your claim has been accepted you may start writing; please do not post any fanfic until your claim has been accepted by the mods, no exceptions!


* You may claim either a paring, character, or group 

* If someone has all ready taken the claim you wanted either think of a new one or wait until that person is done with theirs 

* You don't have to claim a table, just make sure to specify which one your using in your fiction post.

* If your doing some kind of crossover don't forget to specify what the other fandom is

* Put claim in the subject line and who you are claim in the response

☆ [userpic]

Author: ebonredseeker
Title: Red to Black; Black and Ebon-gray
Thought up: around oct 20th 2007 it seems
Characters/Paring/Group: Lucivar Yaslana from Black Jewels
Word Count: 483
Table/Prompt: 30_jewels Table 1 / 026. Jewels.
Rating/Warnings: None?
Summary: Daemon could not help but wonder how Lucivar would act.


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☆ [userpic]

Author: ebonredseeker
Title: a slow DEATH of happiness
Thought up: Yesterday and I just had to write. ;P
Characters/Paring/Group: Lucivar Yaslana from Black Jewels
Word Count: 226
Table/Prompt: 30_jewels Table 1 / 005. Death.
Rating/Warnings: Sad and depressing?
Summary: Lucivar is tired of the games Queens play?

read :D

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shiegra [userpic]

Author: shiegra
Title: sunlight lost
Characters/Pairing/Group: Jaenelle
Word Count: 342
Table/Prompt: Table 001/Prompt 022
Rating/Warnings: PG13
Summary: She hadn't wanted to be a savior.

The tag for my username is misspelled -- could that be fixed please?

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shiegra [userpic]

Title: the measure of
Characters/Pairing/Group: Jaenelle, Jaenelle/Daemon
Word Count: 382
Table/Prompt: Table 001/Prompt 024
Rating/Warnings: PG13
Summary: She came from all of the dreamers.

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shiegra [userpic]

Title: Baby Steps
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Character/Pairing: Jaenelle, mention of Lucivar, unnamed boy
Rating: Pg13
Summary: Knee or bones, Cat.

30_jewels: 018: Touch

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☆ [userpic]

Author: Lu ebonredseeker
Title: the BEGINNINGS of a new race
Thought up: so long ago! XD
Characters/Paring/Group: Lucivar Yaslana from Black Jewels
Word Count: 1,041
Table/Prompt: 30_jewels Table 1 / 001. Beginnings.
Rating/Warnings: None?
Summary: Lucivar learns how the Eyrien race learned to fly.

note: I am taking evolution but this started before with genetics and how a human base got wings. I don’t see how a human race would get wings without help. I know magic and just a book, but what can I say? I really don’t know but I do know I thought this made since. Hope you enjoy!

that is a fake link → ( read here )


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